FUTURE QUEST (WT) – nothing is like it seems…

Together with Michael Demuth, writer & creator

Genre: science-fiction
An adventure series for children (live action film)
Target: children
Format: 13 x 22´
Status: in development


A stands for Alphabet and F stands for fun, when NITSO, the curious little Yeti Monster, together with our young audience, discovers the fascinating world of letters and languages! THE VERY HAIRY ALPHABET is a transmedia concept to learn in a playful and entertaining way about the alphabet. The TV series of 26 x 7’ episodes will be supplemented by a learning app and expanded through games, books and the Very HAIRY Alphabets songs.

Production company:
Associate producer and development:cherieFILMS
Genre: animated series
Target: pre-school
Format: 26 x 7’
Status:  in financing / script writing

Broadcaster: KIKA

©2019 Eagle Eye Filmproduktion;
creator: Eliza Plozieniak-Alvarez


As children begin to experience the world, they will also encounter negative feelings and obstacles. Hygge (the TV series) revolves around very human problems, which can be solved with a positive attitude and result in a warm cozy feeling. In each episode, the villagers of Rumble Forest will overcome negativity, in all its shapes and sizes: Fear, Judgment, Selfishness, Jealousy, Boredom, and so on.The stories in Hygge (the TV series) will inspire positive values, conflict resolution and resilience.

Production companies: a Parka Pictures & Dreaming Dolphin & Ouros Animation Co-Production
Associate producer and development:cherieFILMS
Genre: animated series; CG Animation
Everyday Fairy Tale
Target: Upper Pre-school, 5+
Format: 26 x 11’
Status:financing /script writing

© Philip Piaget & Rikke Planeta. 2019


An adventure mystery series 

14-year-old Rulaman lives with his tribe in a post apocalyptic world. A highly developed civilization as we know it today has long since vanished. In ten thousand years or more, nature has reclaimed planet Earth and returned it to its original, natural state. The few humans who now live in this wilderness don’t know anything about the lost world that came before them. It is forgotten – except by the druids, seers and shaman of the tribes. They keep their knowledge secret. Still, at hidden locations and sometimes also by accident, traces of the lost civilization can be found.

Producer and Developer cherieFILMS
Author: Michael Demuth, Manuela Lumb
Genre: Adventure
Target: 8-12 and family
Format: 26 x 22′ 10 x 45′
Status: Development funding by nordmedia


It´s about Knut, a supposedly loser who grows with his tasks and who always stays optimistic. No matter what, but he never let it get him down! A series for children and people still young at heart, a mixture between “Forrest Gump” and “Atypical”.

Creator, Author: Henni Nachtsheim
Production: cherieFILMS
Genre: Comedy
Format: 26 x 12’ –  Technic 3D Animation 
Status: in development / financial search


Nobody knew it until now: Billy the Kid had a little sister named Joey. Joey couldn´t shoot quick, but she is a quick thinker! While Billy runs around looking for trouble, Joey is focused on the things around her and either tries to help, or have new ideas, which somehow seem familiar to us like: sandwiches, birds house, onion cutter or a brown lemonade!

In the end, Joey always comes helping Billy out of trouble!

Creator, Author:  Henni Nachtsheim 
Production: cherieFILMS
Genre: comedy  / western parody
Target: family
Format: 26 x 7’
Status:  financial search/ development